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more testing! greetings1

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just in time for the new year, because the internet has its own blogging software! still trying to think of a clever name.

it's the crystallization of what i have wanted in a blog:

the result is a project that allows you to run a markdown-powered lightweight blog built around the use and portability that the markdown file format allows. the goal will be to keep is as barebones-simple as i can, and for now this means you can get started with 5 files and a directory for markdown pages.

the first file, index.php, is a simple php script that stitches all the following together:


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if you can read this, i've succeeded! nothing too fancy, everything is more or less powered by parsedown. things i would like to try to implement on top:

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revisited the idea of 'because the internet' and have decided that a good way to keep procrastinating would be by deciding that i need to roll my own build system.

the skeleton will be basic: using include to stitch a header and footer onto a single file. simple enough, but the real challenge will be implementing a markdown parser - allowing me to keep a single page!

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