because the internet


2020-03-21: is back, although it never actually left. work was supposed to chill out after the holiday season, but it seems like each time we reach some new peak of busy, it simply becomes the new normal. chill out, capitalism...

2020-02-11: is temporarily! it's a long story and i'll probably write about it in full soon. i am pretty stoked to have this domain name - it was the first domain i ever registered, back in 2004. after letting it lapse, some domain parking demons snagged it and held onto it for almost a decade - every so often i check on it, and last month i discovered it was avaliable again, much to my delight!

2020-01-20: not really sure what happened, but the custom font i use decided to stop rendering correctly. not sure why - i suspect the new security features in chrome, firefox etc. disable cross-site loading of css, because uploading the font files to my local server and re-writing the css to reflect this seems to have fixed the issue, at least on my end.

2019-12-24: merry xmas ya filthy animals

2019-12-09: lorem ipsum kamerade. until i can get something more streamlined going, this will just be a small section for posting tidbits that aren't worth clicking a link and loading an entire new page for. as of now i'm just going to be hand-editing these into index.html. not the cleanest approach, but it works.