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andrew snow

email: subspacer at

github: @jeromescuggs

twitter: @craduation

web: hazardous

because the internet is just a domain name. yeah it's a "website", but not really. all this exists because i have the domain name. i didn't like, make this website and then think "it needs a name" and came up with this. the story is that one day donald glover aka childish gambino dropped an album called "because the internet" and it made me wonder if "" was a website. not only was it not a site... but it wasn't even registered. it was way too clever to not buy. so i bought it. and sometimes i get bored and i type here.

currently, it exists as a second website on my actual personal website's server - because it's actually kind of tricky to run multiple, SSL-secured websites on a single box! sometimes a configuration change doesn't break - but then suddenly redirects to the hazardous homepage, or there's some sort of redirect error, etc. so if you're reading this, it means not only is my server working, but it's likely that it's also configured correctly!